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ETH Hong Kong

ETH Hong Kong

ตุลาคม 22 · 10:00 ก่อนเที่ยง - ตุลาคม 24 · 4:00 หลังเที่ยง (GMT+0800)
Hong Kong

About ETHHongKong

The builder ecosystem in Hong Kong is flourishing with opportunities. From building simple dapps to exploring the L2 landscape, attendees can unleash their creativity and learn about different ways to contribute to Ethereum.

Hong Kong offers a unique and supportive environment for projects to thrive. Its robust financial system, supportive regulatory framework, and its position as a gateway to the East, make it an ideal place to tap a vast and under explored market.

ETH Hong Kong is all about building the Ethereum community together with the broader Asia community! We’re inviting members from different regions to collaborate, share ideas, and drive the ecosystem forward together. Join us to create something extraordinary.